SEED. The First Digital Reserve Asset For Zilliqa

From the team that brought you PlunderSwap, we introduce SEED, The new Digital Reserve Asset for the Zilliqa community. A pioneer in the Zilliqa ecosystem, SEED is a low-inflation token powering a multi-chain DeFi and Masternode experience. With a guaranteed monthly buy-back based on yield generated by the DAO, SEED intends to become an anchor of Zilliqa DeFi by regularly and reliably extracting value from multiple blockchains and revert back to Zilliqa

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Jul. 8,2024

2,083 SEED 🔥
$454 USD Burn Txn

Jul. 5,2024

3,643 SEED 🔥 🔥
$500 USD Burn Txn

Jul. 3,2024

3,032 SEED 🔥 🔥
$452 USD Burn Txn

Jul. 1,2024

3,618 SEED 🔥 🔥
$562 USD Burn Txn

Jun. 27,2024

1,567 SEED 🔥
$248 USD Burn Txn

Jun. 26,2024

1,709 SEED 🔥
$265 USD Burn Txn
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TVL: $213,938.56
$SEED Explained

SEED is a groundbreaking token introduced on the Zilliqa blockchain, marking the inception of the first-ever digital reserve asset token. The fundamental purpose of SEED lies in its unique economic model designed to generate sustainable value for its holders.

Through the proceeds from token sales, SEED aims to strategically invest in profit-generating protocols. The returns from these investments will be utilized to execute a systematic buyback and burn mechanism, effectively reducing the circulating supply of SEED and enhancing its market value.

The long-term objective of SEED is to establish itself as a robust digital reserve asset, fostering a self-sustaining ecosystem on the Zilliqa blockchain. By consistently reinvesting in proven, revenue-generating protocols, SEED aims to not only increase its intrinsic value but also to contribute to the broader development of decentralized finance.

SEED is committed to incentivizing its community through various mechanisms. Rewards for token holders providing liquidity on the PlunderSwap DEX, along with additional incentives for those staking their SEED tokens on the PlunderStake SSN, are integral to fostering a committed and engaged community. Through these initiatives, SEED strives to create a resilient financial infrastructure, encouraging long-term holding and active participation, thereby solidifying its position as a key protocol in the evolving Zilliqa ecosystem.

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Zilliqa DEFI Redefined

Limited to just 10,000,000 total tokens, SEED is designed to accrue value from multiple chains back to the SEED token and thus, the Zilliqa ecosystem as a whole.

Zilliqa’s CEO has revealed the team’s vision for explosive growth in decentralized finance (DeFi) on their platform. The goal? To rapidly increase the total value locked (TVL) in Zilliqa DeFi protocols. To help realize this vision, the idea for SEED was born: a new reserve digital asset designed to become a foundational part of Zilliqa DeFi.

SEED aims to be the premier token in the Zilliqa ecosystem, with solid tokenomics, full distribution, low inflation, and regular token burns. Our goal is to establish SEED as a core asset, driving the adoption of Zilliqa DeFi. With reliable tokenomics and a low-inflation model, SEED seeks to offer stability and scarcity. As the first asset of its kind on Zilliqa, it will cement itself as a key player in the future growth of DeFi on the Zilliqa platform.

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