SEED Public Sale

Dont miss out on the first IDO of Zilliqa EVM 2.0. Funds raised by the token launch will be used to fund liquidity as well as to gain yield via carefully selected investment vehicles on other blockchains.

100% of the PROFITS made will be used to buy-back and burn the SEED token. Every month the equivalent value of SEED will be bought from the market and sent to the Zilliqa BURN wallet, completely removing it from the circulating supply forever.

3,000,000 $SEED (30% of supply) is available to the public in the upcoming token sale, lasting 10 DAYS maximum or while supply lasts.

Public round investors will have 20.0% of their tokens unlocked and available to claim per month, with a total five month vesting period for 100% of the purchased allocation. View full tokenomics details.

Public Sale Begins In:


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How To Participate

Create Wallet

Create a ZIL EVM wallet with Metamask. Follow This Guide for easy setup instructions. Welcome to Zilliqa EVM!


Transfer $ZIL

Use the PlunderSwap Transfer Tool to seamlessly transfer $ZIL from Zilpay to your Metamask wallet.


Save The Date

A 'Purchase $SEED' button will appear on March 11, 2024. Bookmark this page, unstake your ZIL, and dont miss out!