SEED Tokenomics

Token Information

    Funds raised by the token launch will be used to fund liquidity as well as to gain yield via carefully selected investment vehicles on other blockchains. This will include (but is not limited to) running nodes, yield farming, and more.

    The DAO will be completely transparent on all processes, including the wallets being used, as well as provide a breakdown of the assets to ensure they are visible at all times.

    All wallets will be multi-sig where possible to ensure asset safety. 100% of the revenue earned will be used to buy back and burn the SEED token.

    Every week the equivalent value of SEED will be bought from the open market and sent to the Zilliqa burn wallet, completely removing it from the circulating supply forever.

Token Supply

    The maximum supply of SEED is 10,000,000 tokens with 639,000 SEED to be minted at the token generation event (TGE) for liquidity, marketing, and Plunderstaker rewards.

    Thereafter, an additional 3,251,000 (32.51% of supply) SEED will be available to mint in the private and public rounds. Any unminted tokens will not count towards the total supply.

Token Allocation

    Token allocations were carefully selected for several initiatives including boosting the Zilliqa DeFi ecosystem by locking value, acquiring new users, and rewarding existing ZilFam.

    Users who stake with the Plunderswap SSN will receive 10% of the maximum supply based on the length of time and the amount staked, beginning 30 days after the SEED token sale ends and distributed at a rate of 4% of total SEED allocation, over 25 months.

    Marketing allocation will be strictly used for acquiring new users into Zilliqa Defi with display advertising campaigns on high-quality, high-traffic volume crypto-industry websites.

Token Vesting

    To support a disciplined low-inflation supply flow, the vesting schedule for various allocations of SEED has been designed to slow-release the availability of tokens.

    Public round investors will have 20.0% of their tokens unlocked and available to claim per month, with a total five-month vesting period for 100% of the purchased allocation.

Token Sale

    3,500,000 $SEED are available with 35% of the total supply distributed in two rounds, lasting 10 DAYS maximum or while supply lasts.

    Round #1: 500,000 supply (5%) is available at 3 ZIL/SEED for private sale. SOLD OUT!

    Round #2: 3,000,000 supply (30%) at 5 ZIL/SEED for the public beginning at 2pm GMT/9am EDT March 11, 2024.