Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Behind SEED?

From the same community members that brought you PlunderSwap, ZilStream, and The Gary Token, we are proud to roll out our 2nd of many DeFi-focused EVM products that will help anchor the backbone of the Zilliqa ecosystem.

What Is The Purpose Of SEED?

SEED is a low-inflation token powering a multichain DeFi and Masternode experience. Limited to just 10,000,000 total tokens, SEED is designed to accrue value from multiple chains back to the SEED token and thus, the Zilliqa ecosystem as a whole.

What Are Your Security Protocols?

All wallets will be multi-sig where possible to ensure fund safety. The DAO will be completely transparent on all processes, including the wallets being used as well as provide a breakdown of the funds to ensure they are visible at all times.

When And How Is SEED Burned?

With a guaranteed weekly buy back based on yield generated by the DAO, SEED intends to become an anchor of Zilliqa DeFi by regularly and reliably extracting value from multiple blockchains back to Zilliqa. SEED will be purchased off of the open market on and burned every week at an unannounced and random time.

What Type of Investments Will You Make?

Funds raised by the token launch will be used to fund liquidity as well as to gain yield via carefully selected investment vehicles on other blockchains. This will include (but is not limited to) running nodes, yield farming, and other strategic asset investments.

What If An Investment Goes To Zero Or Is Hacked?

Although we intend to conduct due diligence on every asset, in addition to implementing various back-end and procedural protocols, we can never guarantee a maintained value for our asset portfolio. Our goal is to acquire low-risk, high-yield assets offered by time-tested platforms to ensure consistent and reliable income.

What Can I Do With My Seed In The Future?

SEED is a passive holding investment that is intended to gradually increase in value over the long term. In addition to this, holding SEED will also provide leaderboard rewards, staking yield, governance power, future airdrops, and more.

How Can I Earn Seed Besides Buying It?

SEED is committed to incentivizing its community through various mechanisms. Rewards for token holders providing SEED liquidity on the PlunderSwap DEX, along with additional incentives for those staking their $ZIL tokens on the PlunderStake SSN, are integral to fostering a committed and engaged community.

Why Would Investing In Other Chains Help The Zilliqa Ecosystem?

Through the proceeds from token sales, SEED aims to strategically invest in profit-generating protocols. The returns from these investments will be utilized to execute a systematic buyback and burn mechanism, effectively importing that value back into Zilliqa by reducing the circulating supply of SEED and enhancing its market value.

How Transparent Will This Be?

A status report containing all relevant metrics will be published regularly. The DAO will be completely transparent on all processes, including the wallets being used as well as provide a breakdown of the funds to ensure they are visible at all times.

How Can The Community Get Involved?

We have allocated a percentage of tokens for the future SEED ecosystem. A portion of these tokens will be used to reward active community members and influencers. Start spreading the word early, your contributions will not go unnoticed.

Do I Have To Use Metamask To Participate?

Absolutely. Zilpay is not compatible with Zilliqa EVM. If you need assistance setting up a Metamask wallet for the Zilliqa EVM network please refer to This Guide and join our telegram community.

How Do I Send $ZIL To My Metamask Wallet?

Use the PlunderSwap Transfer Tool to seamlessly transfer $ZIL from Zilpay to your Metamask wallet.

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